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Fast Facts

  • Kids Helpline is Australia's ONLY free, private and confidential, 24-hour telephone and online counseling service specifically for young people aged between 5 - 25.
  • Australia has more than 5.5 million people aged between 5 and 25 years. Estimates say that 10% are experiencing abuse or neglect, one in seven have mental health issues, and almost 30% are concerned about family conflict.
  • During 2008, Kids Helpline answered almost 300,000 telephone, web and email contacts from children and young people across Australia.
  • Children and young people can choose to speak with either a male or female counsellor and are able to continue to speak with the same counsellor to work through their issues.
  • Families matter most to kids - Family relationships have remained the top concern for children and young people since Kids Helpline began in 1991.
  • Support is vital to country kids - Children and young people living in regional and remote areas account for just under half of all contacts to Kids Helpline while only a third of the population lives in these areas.
  • One-in-four counselling sessions are with children and young people receiving either ongoing counselling or intensive support with a case management plan.
  • Mental health issues are on the rise - contacts about mental health issues have doubled since 2002.
  • Bullying is still a concern for kids - bullying contacts predominantly from children under 15.
  • Risky level drug and alcohol use is on the rise - Kids Helpline has seen an increase in the proportion of young people reporting drug and alcohol use at high levels.
  • Kids Helpline officially opened on March 25, 1991 and 3,272 young people called the first day. More than 120,000 calls were made to the service in the first 17 days.
  • Kids Helpline has an extensive referral database of more than 7,000 support services such as suicide prevention, self help resources and mental health information, as well as a variety of programs specific to the needs of local communities.